For over 40 years

Innovative technology
and skills


We are a modern and dynamic company, constantly evolving, operating in aluminum fixtures and facades since 1981.The vast professionalism and competence of our technical department and the great quality of materials allows us to satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers, going from the private user to the industrial, always proposing advanced technological solutions in terms of aesthetics, safety and energetic performances, for an improved quality of living and building.


Our production is made through numerically controlled work centers, that guarantee an higher precision and quality. We carry out the assembly of thermal cut profiles in our factory, covering them with a special protective film in the same process. All the activities are subjected to severe quality checks; in fact the entire production system is certified according to European standards in compliance to UNI EN ISO 9001 since year 2000. The company, among the first in Italy, has achieved in 2010 product certifications for smoke and heat evacuators and for pedestrian doors on escape routes, which require an additional annual inspection by a notified body.

Solid projects, immediately achievable. Advanced technology, creativity and contemporaneity

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