Our Technology

We invest a lot in research and development and we propose a complete range of solutions for your problems. We work mostly on commission, even before you give us the job we study for you the best solution.
Our technical department is our flagship. Supporting customers’ needs it’s capable of creating tailored working projects and the available technological capacity, combined with a dynamic and flexible structure, allows us to realize innovative projects. Metro Infissi can consider itself a strategic meetpoint between a designer’s technical office and the building company, making it’s specific know-how available. To carry out our projects we only use premium materials. We buy raw and half-processed materials from the best european suppliers and we have commercial partnerships with highly advanced company in this field, whose products are warranty of durability and reliability.


Aluminum offers a great flexibility of solutions, both as construction and finishes, having an infinite variety of colors and modern accessories.
Metro Infissi continuously satisfies customization requests offering a wide range of aluminum windows and doors with elegant design and advanced technological solutions.

Our Experience

18th march 2021 Metro Infissi celebrated its 40 years of activity. It started with a simple production of traditional windows and doors, growing in a regional reality;
only afterwards it has entered the national market, proposing a wide range of products, solidifing aluminum fixtures construction and achieving skills to build facades, both continuous and ventilated.


Inside our plant in Castello di Serravalle (BO) any kind of fixture is developed and produced, all guaranteed by strict quality checks after we achieved ISO 9001 certification and in perspective of CE markup for the product.