Hign insulation 67CL series allows the creation of sliding windows and doors. This system has a range of profiles that presents characteristics suitable for different design needs, with solutions that allow faster production. The 67CL sliding system stands out for its excellent thermal performance and minimum visual impact with a central node less than 4 cm, the thermal insulation performance reaches, in fact, values ​​up to 1.0 W / m2K with triple glazing and 1 , 4 W / m2K with double glazing.The 67CL series, thanks to its compactness and lightness, can satisfy every architectural requirement, from a simple double-leaf window to closing winter gardens.

The main features are the following:

  1. Wide choice of colors thanks to the use of aluminum both internally and externally, coordinating the internal environments and respecting aesthetic constraints of the external facade. Using high-performance materials maximizes the thermal insulation of the system, guaranteeing tax benefits;
  2. Maximizes rooms’ brightness, in fact the reduced central mullion allows to minimize the visual impact of aluminum, in addition to the possibility of hiding the perimeter frame inside the wall;
  3. Possibility to customize the frame by choosing different handles, coordinating it with the internal environments. Even the aluminum profiles’ design has been studied to hide the hardware elements;
  4. Profiles’ linearity allows easy cleaning thanks to hidden fixings and cavities;
  5. Thanks to the exceptional doors’ trolleys capacity (200 kg) you can create large windows or install safety glass for your own safety.


Air permeability (EN 12207): 4

Water tightness (EN 12208): 8A

Wind resistance (EN 12210): C1 / B2 / A3

Thermal transmittance (double glass): Uw = 1.4 W / m²K

Thermal transmittance (triple glass): Uw = 1.1 W / m²K


Two-way frame depth: 67-110 mm

Three-way frame depth: 137 mm

Door depth: 45 mm

Min glass thickness: 28 mm

Max glass thickness: 35 mm

Max load: 200 Kg