The series guarantees excellent performances despite having small dimensions and geometries suitable for the renovation and replacement of old windows.The C67K series is a system with high thermal and acoustic insulation, it allows you to access to tax benefits also installing triple glazing and to create large windows, in fact the tilt-and-turn capacity is 130 kg. This system can also guarantee intrusion safety with specially designed profiles and special accessories.The D67 series for insulated doors allows the creation of 1- and 2-leaved doors, with both inward and outward opening, swing doors and emergency doors, coplanar and triple-hinged solution, doors with uniform profiles on all four sides for aesthetic and constructional needs, automatic and lowered thresholds.


Air permeability (EN 12207): 4 – 3

Water tightness (EN 12208): E1200 – 2B

Wind resistance (EN 12210): C5 – C5

Thermal transmittance (double glass): Uw = 1.4 W / m²K

Thermal transmittance (triple glass): Uw = 1.0 W / m²K – Ud = 1.2 W / m²K

Soundproofing power: Rw = 47 dB – Rw = 44 dB

Anti-burglary class: RC2 – RC2


Frame depth: 66.5mm – 66.5mm

Door depth: 76.5 mm – 66.5-76.5 mm

Min glass thickness: 22 mm – 22 mm

Max glass thickness: 60 mm – 50-60 mm

Max width: 1400 mm (1500 mm tilt and turn) – 1250 mm

Max height: 2400 mm (2200 mm tilt and turn) – 2450 mm

Max load: 100 kg (130 kg tilt and turn) – 120 kg