This lift and slide system, with very high thermal, acoustic and sealing performance, allows you to enjoy the view and the sunlight from the comfort of your living room in total safety.The series allows to satisfy every architectural need, in fact the types that can be created are wide: opening with one or more doors, even large ones, creation of all-glass corners, possibility of sliding the doors inside the wall. Large trolleys’ capacity (400 kg) combined with the reduced overall dimensions and clean lines make this system a modern and design object, suitable for every design requirement.Performances are exceptional: thermal transmittance Uw = 1.0 W / m2K to access tax benefits, water tightness of E1500, as well as high acoustic insulation values.


Air permeability (EN 12207): 4

Water tightness (EN 12208): E1500

Wind resistance (EN 12210): C4 / B5

Thermal transmittance (double glass): Uw = 1.4 W / m²K

Thermal transmittance (triple glass): Uw = 1.0 W / m²K

Soundproofing power: Rw = 44 dB

Anti-burglary class: RC2


Two-way frame depth: 156 mm

Door depth: 67 mm

Min glass thickness: 24 mm

Max glass thickness: 50 mm

Max width: 2500 mm

Max height: 2500 mm

Max load: 300 Kg (400 Kg with additional trolley)