The new generation of classic ribbon windows with a wide range of applications – with maximum transparency, very thin visible sections and extremely high functionality.Over the past few years, the growing demand for thermal and acoustic insulation has led to the use of increasingly wider window profiles. And it seemed that the technical requirements were incompatible with elegant and continuous frame systems. Now, with Schüco FWS 60 CV (Concealed Vent) façade system, Schüco offers a revolutionary solution for ribbon windows, which combines extremely slim visible sections with the highest degree of functionality and excellent thermal insulation. This innovative system creates maximum transparency thanks to the visual fusion of the door and the supporting structure: looking at the building from the outside, it’s impossible to distinguish fixed mirrors from openable ones. The latter can only be recognized from the inside due to the presence of a minimum joint gap and the handles.Two base depths combined with the connection system to the building structure, which can be used in a customized way, allow a wide variety of uses, always with the utmost simplicity of assembly: both for full-height ribbon window structures and for single windows.Schüco FWS 60 CV makes it possible to elegantly enhance the aesthetics of newly built or renovated buildings and to obtain excellent thermal insulation values.



  • Uf value up to 1.5 W / (m²K), including the influence of screws with 50 mm glass
  • Ucw value of 0.84 W / (m²K) with 1.2m x 2.5m units, for example, with a Ug value of 0.7W / (m²K)


  • Slender profiles with identical external aesthetics for opening elements and fixed mirrors
  • Uniform appearance of doors and supporting structure: it is not necessary to insert fixed frames
  • Coplanarity of door and external frame, with minimum joint gap
  • With the Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart equipment it is possible to create hinged, tilt-and-turn and turn-and-tilt windows
  • Can be used both for classic full-height ribbon windows, including fall protection, and for single windows


  • RC2 burglary resistance