Office Building

Office BuildingArea Ex Frarica – Carpi (MO)
Scope of work: Facciata continua Schuco FW50+ – Serramenti Schuco Royal 65S
Place: Direzionale Area Ex Frarica – Viale Manzoni – Carpi (MO)
Year: 2003 – 2004


Refurbishment of a building for executive and commercial use by integrating a curtain wall with aluminum mullions and transoms with ceramic cladding of the building. The choice of the type of glazing was made above all in relation to energy saving, and the result was an insulating glass composed of an external 8 mm sheet. selective tempered, 16 mm gap. with argon gas and 4 + 4.2 anti-noise stratified internal plate. The shop windows on the ground floor have been made of aluminum profiles with thermal break, always with a glass with high thermal performance.